My newest passion is to write a blog of my self, am trying to learn a wider knowledge out there…full of oppurtunities, because you only live once , I will not gonna let things specially great things passed me by.

I have a routines from 6am-5pm , hv our own retail bussiness , with my hubby we are growing slowly but sure . In a meantime, I found my passion in kids fashion so I later open my online shop as a spare-time in the beginning. Then after so many efforts I put on this little bussiness I decide to be a more serious seller.

My kids are my oasis ,rich sunshine, a main breathe to me ..two lovely boys who always cheered me up and push me to the limits 😀 .

I can’t live without music, fashion,adobe,  movies and good quotes for those are I can only share in this blog . my simply passionate journey .

Soal adobe , belajar yg paling mudah itu awalnya ngikutin hal yang simple2 dulu , saya menemukan yg paling simple adalah di bener2  memudahkan, dan kl punya banyak waktu harus bersabar step by step , jangan mencoba utk melangkahi tutorialnya





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